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Comfortable & Powerful 9000Btu Cooling Room Dehumidication Portable Air Conditioner

1. High efficiency, low noise

2. Free installation, can be placed at anywhere the users need

3. Easy move

4. Cooling faster than the ordinary air conditioner

5. Energy saving and health
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  • A001CS

  • Helenbo


The Helenbo brand offers portable air conditioners that are designed for cooling small spaces without the need for any installation expenses.

Similar to wall-mounted air conditioners, portable air conditioners effectively lower the temperature in a room and expel the hot air outside using a hose. The main difference is that portable air conditioners can be easily moved to another room. Simply roll it and turn it on to enjoy immediate cooling.


Product Description

  • l Hassle-Free Cooling

Simply wheel the Portable AC into any room with a double-hung or sliding window, attach the hose and window adapter provided, and start enjoying the cool air. When summer is over, simply drain the water and store the unit properly.

  • l Saving Cost

No need to go through the hassle of installing a wall-mounted AC unit. The Portable AC can be easily moved to any room, saving you both installation and usage costs.

  • l Multiple Functions

The Portable AC not only cools the room but also dehumidifies and ventilates, providing multiple functions in one unit..

  • l Comfortable Cooling

Enjoy the refreshing cool breeze all summer long and have a peaceful night's sleep.

  • l Compact Design

The Portable AC is perfect for rooms up to 300 square feet, making it an ideal cooling solution for dormitories, apartments, cabins, campers, offices, bedrooms, or living rooms.



1  Multi-scenario use: A001CS portable air conditioner is a portable air conditioner suitable for various scenarios. Whether it is home, office, shop, it can provide you with cool air to help you survive the hot summer.
2 Simple and elegant fashion: Our A001CS portable air conditioners adopt a simple and generous design style. It not only brings you cool, but also perfectly integrates with home decoration to add a sense of fashion to the space.
3 Strong cool air and wind: The A001CS portable air conditioner has a strong cool air of 9000BTU, which can quickly cool down, so that you can feel comfortable quickly. At the same time, it is also equipped with strong wind, which can quickly blow cool air to the whole room.
4 Compact and portable: The A001CS portable air conditioner has a small and cute appearance design, light size, easy to carry and move. Whether you need to move between different rooms, it can easily meet your needs.


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GUANGDONG HELENBO HOUSEHOLD ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE CO., LIMITED was established in 2008, the factory is located in Shunde of Foshan, enjoying convenient transportation access and beautiful environment.

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