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Air Cooler is mainly used to cool the hot liquid heat exchanger with air in the development history of the application, the hot air in its tube will be based on the thickness and plate-fin type and the tube vapor for heat transfer, and the vapor is usually given by the exhaust fan, Home Air Cooler can be used as cooling or condensing, applied in smelters, petrochemical equipment tower on the condensation of vapor, flow to the oil, tower bright oil cooling. Next, we take a look at the key electronics and manufacturing standard specifications for the Air Cooler. Here are some answers.



Reasons for the cooling properties of the Air Cooler

The terminal equipment Air Cooler is one of the common facilities in our cooling, whether in the gradual cooling of vehicles or the gas cooling are stimulated by the vital effect of the terminal equipment Table Air Cooling Fan can use the drive to cause vortex will be sucked into the indoor air and pipeline after touching the chemical substances in the pipeline cooling, and this cooling method has a good cooling actual effect. In the current market many refrigeration equipment among the Air Cooler cooling characteristics are good, the following I will give you a good reason for its cooling characteristics have what? Here are some answers.



Development of the Air Cooler

In general terms, Air Cooler means a facility that uses gas as a cooling substance to cool hot air to the required temperature to facilitate the normal, efficient operation of the required facility. Let's take a look at the development of the Commercial Air Cooler. Here are some answers.



Air Cooler hermeticity and tube box construction

Air Coolers are usually referred to as forced air cooling and water coolers for cooling with water as the cooling source. Most of the coolers that exchange heat with air require the addition of fins and can be used with the Table Air Cooling Fan, so let's take a look at the hermeticity and tube box construction of the Air Cooler. Here are some answers.

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