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Air Cooler cooling effect and advantages

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Air Cooler cooling effect and advantages

Air Cooler is also known as an eco-friendly air conditioner. It does not have a compressor itself and relies on the heat of evaporation of water to cool down, unlike air conditioners that require auxiliary cooling of refrigerants, which can reduce the emission of freon and protect the ozone layer. Now Home Air Cooler has become one of the household appliances that we often use in our daily life. In the more humid southern regions, the cooling effect of the Air Cooler may be more pronounced than in the north. In the hot and dry northern regions, the humidification effect of an Air Cooler will be more significant than the cooling effect. So, let's take a look at the cooling effect and advantages of Air Cooler.

Here is the content list:

  • What is the cooling effect of an Air Cooler?

  • What are the six features and advantages of an Air Cooler?

What is the cooling effect of an Air Cooler?

The cooling effect of the Air Cooler is quite good. I have been using the Air Cooler for a long time to have a say in this issue. It can be said that the benefit of the Air Cooler to me is not one or two points. The working principle of an Air Cooler is an electric fan and ice cubes. However, it is completely different from the refrigeration principle of air conditioners. Air conditioners are cooled by compressors, while Air Cooler uses the evaporation of ice cubes to absorb heat, lower the temperature of the air around the fan, and then send cold air out to cool people down feeling of.

What are the six features and advantages of an Air Cooler?

First, Air Cooler has various functions, with dual cooling functions of the fan, air cooler, portable air conditioner, air cooler + portable air conditioner. Second, the outlet air temperature is low and the air volume is large. The air volume reaches 1500m/H, the air volume of traditional air conditioners is generally between 200-500 m/H, and the cooling temperature of traditional air coolers is generally between 3°C-7°C. When dual cooling is turned on, the cooling temperature of air coolers + portable air conditioners will reach 11℃-14℃. Third, the Air Cooler's heat rejection temperature is not high, and it can be directly discharged into the room. When the room temperature is 35℃, the exhaust temperature of the traditional mobile air conditioner reaches 55℃-65℃. If the exhaust heat pipe is not connected, the indoor temperature will rise rapidly and cannot be used normally. Air Cooler adopts the principle of double water cooling, which makes full use of the heat absorption characteristics of water evaporation. The discharge temperature is close to room temperature and can be used without connecting a heat pipe. Is a true portable air conditioner. Fourth, Air Cooler has low energy consumption and environmental protection. When the room temperature is 35°C, when the dual forced cooling mode is turned on, the maximum power of the Air Cooler is only about 900W. The traditional cabinet belongs to the overall cooling, and the cooling of the entire hall generally takes five to ten minutes before it is cool. The 3-horsepower of the cabinet air conditioner is between 2000W-3000W, and the power consumption is extremely high. Fifth, Air Cooler is easy to use, no installation is required, and one machine is multi-purpose. It can be used by adding water, no installation is required, and it has the effects of cooling, humidifying, dehumidifying and dustproof. Suitable for a variety of application scenarios, where you need to cool down. Sixth, Air Cooler has low noise. Air Cooler takes advantage of its technology, and its overall noise has obvious advantages over other integrated air conditioners.

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