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Helenbo Participates in Every Canton Fair

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Helenbo Participates in Every Canton Fair

We Helenbo attended the 135th Canton Fair, which is a significant trade event in China, had a multitude of effects. Here are some of the key effects and outcomes:

1. **Support for Economic Recovery and Growth:** The Canton Fair played a crucial role in supporting the overall economic recovery and growth by helping enterprises secure more orders and expand markets[^1^].

2. **Expansion of Foreign Trade:** It aimed to stabilize the fundamentals of foreign trade and foreign investment, as well as to boost the quality and scale of foreign trade, contributing to high-quality business development[^1^].

3. **Showcasing of New Products:** Over 1 million new products were expected to be showcased at the fair, including 450,000 green and low-carbon products and 250,000 products with self-owned intellectual property[^1^].

4. **Increase in International Participation:** The International Pavilion attracted 680 exhibiting international companies from 50 countries and regions, with 64% of them being from Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) countries[^1^].

5. **Introduction of New Trade Forms:** The fair introduced new forms of trade, such as the establishment of a cross-border e-commerce pilot zone and an overseas warehouse zone, with a total exhibition area of 3,000 m2[^1^].

6. **Enhanced Global Marketing:** The fair implemented targeted global marketing strategies, including road shows and targeted invitations to key markets, which resulted in a significant increase in pre-registered buyers from various regions, especially from the US, OECD, Middle East, BRI countries, and RCEP member countries[^1^].

7. **Optimization of Online Platform:** The fair continued to optimize its online platform to facilitate trade matchmaking, instant communication, and management convenience[^1^].

8. **Promotion of Green Development:** The fair promoted green development by organizing more green and low-carbon exhibits and carrying out regular green exhibition organization[^1^].

9. **Strengthened Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Protection:** The Canton Fair has been working hard to protect intellectual property rights for 30 years, establishing a comprehensive chain of IPR protection before, during, and after the exhibition[^3^].

10. **Increased Number of Overseas Purchasers:** There was a surge in the number of overseas purchasers at the 135th Canton Fair compared to the previous session[^2^].

These effects demonstrate the Canton Fair's impact on trade, innovation, international cooperation, and the promotion of sustainable and green practices in the business environment.

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