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Helenbo teaches you how to choose the right air cooler

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Helenbo teaches you how to choose the right air cooler

Simple appearance, easy to use.

★Intelligent man-machine control, super function combination,

★large tuyere design, greater air volume:

★Using super large evaporator, super cooling, faster effect.

★Added humidification function, negative ion function:

★Cool and warm models, ultra-low mute, let cool and silent accompany you through the summer,

★even warm air, so that you no longer cold in winter.

★Remote control in hand, let you do whatever you want. Simple appearance, excellent quality

Knowledge of air cooler

1: Can air cooler cool like an air conditioner?

Answer: Of course, it cannot be a real air conditioner. The air cooler does not have a compressor and does not use (refrigerant) Freon. It is far from air-conditioning in terms of structure and principle. It is a product between air conditioner and electric fans, and it also has a humidifying effect.

2: Then there is no compressor and no Freon, what is the refrigeration of the air cooler?

The air cooler is actually an electric fan equipped with a water cooling device. The built-in water pump continuously circulates the water from the evaporator, thereby cooling the surrounding air through the evaporator. In this way, the wind (also It can be said that it has been washed with water.) feels much colder than the wind blown by an ordinary electric fan. Insiders call it physical energy storage refrigeration. However, this kind of cold air is very limited, and at best, it is only 3-8 degrees Celsius lower than the ambient temperature (at the air outlet). Therefore, the air cooler maintains a constant and comfortable room temperature to bring a cool summer and a love of environmental protection. Consumers have a preference for air cooler.

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