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Introduction and description of Air Cooler

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Introduction and description of Air Cooler

Air Cooler is a product that is more affordable than air conditioners, and in the process of use, it can ensure low energy consumption and relatively small power consumption. The cooling fan can reduce the temperature, and it also has a certain moisturizing effect. Of course, there are also certain limitations, The operation of the commercial Air Cooler is very simple. The following editor will introduce how to use the Air Cooler for big furniture? And how should we maintain the Air Cooler in our daily life to make it work normally?

Here is the content list:

  • How to use Cooler?

  • Air Cooler Maintenance Precautions

How to use Air Cooler?

Air Cooler uses water as a medium, sprays water on the evaporative filter layer, cools the air entering the evaporative filter layer, and sends the compressed air into the room by a low-noise fan, to achieve the purpose of indoor cooling. How to use the Air Cooler after buying it home? First, the Air Cooler should be placed horizontally in a dry place. Before use, check whether the socket power supply is consistent with the parameters on the fan nameplate to avoid a short circuit caused by a wrong connection. Second, the Air Cooler is equipped with two ice crystals. When not in use, you can take out the ice crystals, put them in the refrigerator, and put them back when you are using them. Third, when filling the Air Cooler water tank, use pure water as much as possible, because pure water has fewer impurities and is not easy to block the pipeline. Fourth, when using the Air Cooler, do not place the Air Cooler near people, to avoid excessive wind and cause people to get sick. Fifth, use the Air Cooler for 1-3 hours and open the window for ventilation. In addition, do not use it for too long to avoid damage to the internal parts. Sixth, after each use of the Air Cooler, unplug the plug and place it far away from water sources and flammable materials.

Air Cooler Maintenance Precautions

Air Cooler has low investment and high performance, so you need to pay attention to maintenance when using it. How to maintain the Air Cooler? The following are the maintenance methods of the Air Cooler: First, the Air Cooler has been used for some time. To ensure that the internal parts are intact, they should be overhauled. If there is any problem, please notify the professionals for repair. Second, when moving the Air Cooler, be careful to keep away from the fire source to avoid accidents and causing the unit to burn down. Third, pay attention to whether the water inlet and drain pipes are well connected because water leakage will affect other appliances. Fourth, don't usually sit on the Air Cooler, and don't hang items in front of the Air Cooler, so as not to damage the Air Cooler or items. Fifth, during the operation of the Air Cooler, do not disassemble the machine accessories at will. Even if you want to repair, you must first cut off the power supply, otherwise, it will easily cause safety accidents. Sixth, the wiring of the unit should be correct and firm. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid the wiring being bitten by mice or crushed by heavy objects. In addition, do not arbitrarily change the power cord or control line. Seventh, to ensure the cooling effect, consider installing a filter to protect the evaporator. Eighth, do not use fuses or other metal wires with incorrect capacity, which may cause malfunction or fire. Ninth, places with strict requirements on humidity and temperature should consult professionals for guidance. Eleventh, if there is a buzzing sound or any abnormality during operation, stop using it immediately, and notify professional maintenance personnel to come and repair it. Eleventh, if the Air Cooler is no longer used, the water in the water tank should be poured out, and the air should be supplied at room temperature for some time. This is mainly to dry the filter part of the machine body. After drying, cover it with a plastic bag and seal it for storage.

There are certain gaps in the operation of air coolers produced by different brands. When you use them, you should also operate them according to the methods in the manual. Finally, I would like to remind everyone that you must change the water in the water tank regularly to ensure that the water is clean, otherwise, it is easy to breed bacteria, which will affect the quality of the air. In addition, you should also clean the Air Cooler regularly, as well as check and maintain it, to be able to timely Find its faults, to effectively guarantee the service life.

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