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The working principle and use skills of air cooler

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Working principle of air cooler

The air cooler uses the principle of natural cold air to evaporate the heat in the air and reduce the air temperature, thereby bringing people cool and cold air. This combination of natural phenomena and high-tech artificial evaporative refrigeration technology has developed a new generation of environmentally friendly and energy-saving air coolers.

Use skills of air cooler

1. The air cooler should be placed horizontally, and it should not be tilted during use. Before use, check whether the power of the socket is consistent with the parameters on the nameplate of the air cooler.

2. The general air cooler is equipped with two ice boxes. Every night, put one of them in the refrigerator freezer at home for a period of time, and take it out the next day and put it in the water tank for better results.

3. When adding water to the air cooler, use pure water as much as possible. The purity of the pure water is high, the bacteria are few, it is not easy to block the pipeline, and it is not easy to breed bacteria.

4 After the air cooler is running for a long time, it will be blocked by dust and dirt, which will affect the filter, air volume and cooling effect. Therefore, it is best to clean it every two weeks.

5. When using air cooler, the distance should not be too close, and the air circulation and humidity should be kept balanced.

6. Remember to unplug the power plug before adding water and cleaning.

7. If the air cooler is not used for a long time, the water in the water tank should be cleaned up, and the air should be supplied at room temperature for a period of time, so that the inside of the machine, especially the filter part, is completely dry, and then put on a plastic bag for reuse.

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