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What people often ask about the Air Cooler

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What people often ask about the Air Cooler

In the hearts of all of us, heat is a terrible thing, especially in summer, when a cooling tool is needed. As a cooling tool, Air Cooler is known to everyone. The function of the Air Cooler is relatively complete. The origin of the wind is also relatively natural, which prevents the hidden danger of air-conditioning disease, Home Air Cooler is especially suitable for small apartments. The following shares what people often ask about the Air Cooler.

Here is the content list:

  • Can an Air Cooler cool like an air conditioner?

  • What is the cooling of the Air Cooler?

  • How to clean the Air Cooler?

Can an Air Cooler cool like an air conditioner?

Of course, it can't be a real air conditioner. The Air Cooler has no compressor and does not use (refrigerant) Freon. In terms of structure and principle, it is far from the air conditioner. It is a product between an air conditioner and an electric fan, and also has a humidifying effect. Although the cooling effect of an Air Cooler is not so good compared to air conditioners, Air Cooler can regulate the temperature very well, not only can reduce our temperature, but also increasing the humidity in our room. The most important thing is that Air Cooler consumes less electricity, which can save us a lot of electricity, which is in line with the current idea of environmental protection, so if the place where you live is not so hot, then you can choose Air Cooler to cool, the effect is also very good. Air Cooler is a relatively mild type. Air Cooler can be used in general temperate climate zones and subtropical climate zones. The effect is relatively good, and the harm to the human body is relatively small.

What is the cooling of the Air Cooler?

The Air Cooler is an electric fan with water cooling. The built-in water pump continuously circulates the water in the evaporator, thereby cooling the surrounding air through the evaporator. In this way, the wind (so to speak, it has been washed by water.) feels much cooler than the wind blowing by a normal electric fan. Industry insiders call it physical energy storage refrigeration. But this cold air is very limited and at best is only 3-8 degrees Celsius cooler than the ambient temperature (outlet). Therefore, Air Cooler maintains a constant comfortable room temperature for cool summers, and love of environmental protection, consumers also prefer Air Cooler.

How to clean the Air Cooler?

After the Air Cooler has been running for a long time, the air volume and cooling effect of the filter screen will be affected by the blockage of dust and dirt. It is best to clean it every two weeks. The methods are as follows: First, unplug the power supply; Second, loosen the screws, take Lower the rear cover; Third, pull out the connector, and remove the filter and the rear cover together; Fourth, mix with detergent and water to an appropriate concentration; Fifth, put the filter and the rear cover into the container, wash after 10-15 minutes, wash with clean water. Do not immerse the small motor in water, and do not rinse the small motor with water. Sixth, reinstall the filter screen and rear cover back to their original places.

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